Ignite Church are proud to be organising Lincoln’s in bloom contests. After the city council’s Neighbourhood Working Team’s lost the majority of their funding, the city needed an organisation to run the in bloom contests that were running across the city. Our Church was nominated to head up the contests, and so we have opted to join them together for an overall winner of Lincoln In Bloom, whilst keeping them local with each estate keeping it’s own judges and routines.

The plan is to have a winner and runner up on each estate, with an overall winner in the city being one of the winners from the four estates that will be represented.

For events in Lincoln, please visit our events page on Facebook by clicking here.

Our very own Rev. Darren Edwards will be helping to judge each of the estates as he has a keen interest in gardening, inherited from his grandparents as a child. Each estate will then have another member of the gardening community who will help to judge the gardens.

To nominate yourself or a friend you can simply contact us using our form, or send us an email. We are also contactable through Facebook and by phone.