Ignite Elim Church has been operating in Lincoln for over five years, and is part of the Elim Pentecostal Church – a top 30 UK Charity. Our vision is that none should perish, and our strategy to see everyone reached with the good news of Jesus is to start new Churches in as many communities and networks as possible. To do this we are constantly on the look-out for new people to join our team.

Below is a list of current vacancies that we need to fill. All of them are voluntary unless stated, and you can get a full role description by clicking on the button for each role. To download our application form, please click the button at the top of this page and, once you’ve filled it out, send it to


A trainee Pastor at Ignite Church will preach at least once a month whilst they are training, and will be expected to spend the whole day on Monday leading a missional ministry that will be rolled out across all of our Churches. This role will eventually lead to the applicant leading their own Church venue with Ignite Church, and could lead on to ordination in the Elim Pentecostal Church if the applicant chooses that this is the career for them.


Ignite Church have all the facilities and several musicians that need a leader. We also have several venues which need someone to lead them into God’s presence. Having said that we believe that worship isn’t a performance, and should be led by someone who is worshipping Jesus rather than playing a song that they like.

If you are a worshipper of Jesus who happens to play an instrument, and you are keen to train and build a band, this is the role for you.


As a top 30 UK charity we are able to offer this great opportunity for someone to get some work experience in fundraising. We can offer space to apply a trade in the world of charity for 4 hours per week, or more if you desire, that will light up your CV for your next employer. Based in our offices in Birchwood, Lincoln, we can also find and provide training in fundraising.


A trainee Youth Pastor in Ignite Church will be training to pioneer a new youth work in the city, or one of the neighbouring villages. You will have experience with youth work. We will train you to preach, organise events and run a Church aimed primarily at young people. The ideal applicant will be committed and have tough skin as youth work can sometimes be hard-going.


As with some of our other roles this one requires that the applicant be based in one of our Church venues in the area, and makes a continued effort to lead a team of kids workers in that venue. The ideal applicant will have their own children or will have worked with children in the past, as well as having undertaken some training. You will need some experience in working with children with learning difficulties and from hard backgrounds.


The key to growth in any youth work is their youth workers. This is slightly different to a Youth Pastor role as it is more practical in it’s delivery. We need enthusiastic, fun-loving people that are keen to work with young people. This role is subject to being DBS checked and doesn’t require you to be a Christian.